Los Angeles, California
A graduate of USC’s School of Cinematic Arts with a degree in Film Production, Patrick started in the industry as a creative assistant to Director/Creative Director Kyle Cooper. Moving behind the camera, he shot elements incorporated into feature film main titles, commercials and network identities.  After transitioning to the production world, Patrick spent several years working with other established directors on ideation, animatics and visual aides to help shape projects before production. Building upon this experience Patrick transitioned to commercial directing. He has directed commercials for Nissan, Volkswagen, YP.com, T-Mobile, Experian, CheapTickets.com and the American Lung Association. Today, he focuses on work in commercials, photography, new media, and VR/360º. He loves the great outdoors and enjoys playing the occasional video game. 
Interests: Film, photography, VR, adventure, hiking, camping, travel and spontaneous road trips.

Alpine Mountaineering
Chimborazo, Ecuador (6,268 m / 20,564 ft)
Cotopaxi, Ecuador (5,897 m / 19,347 ft)
Mount Rainier, USA (4,392 m / 14,409 ft)
Mount Whitney, USA (4,421 m / 14.505 ft)
Pichincha, Ecuador (4,784 / 15,696 ft)
Pasochoa, Ecuador (4,200m / 13,800 ft)